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The Lodge at T&C Wildlife

The 5,500 square foot Lodge at T&C Wildlife is the pride and joy of our hunt club. The knotty pined interior and rustic décor helps to create a downhome, country atmosphere. It’s everything you would expect and it’s what keeps our members coming back.

The Lodge is split into two levels. The upstairs features the main living area, which consists of a restaurant, commercial quality kitchen, fully stocked top shelf bar, dining room, and a lounge area to relax and watch TV. There is also a private meeting room for business functions. Our guests can even enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the back deck.

Downstairs consists of another lounge area with a TV that can provide a quieter retreat. There are six bedrooms that each sleep two comfortably, and each has its own full bathroom with shower.

T&C Wildlife also has two auxiliary cabins, each of which are decorated similarly to the main Lodge. These are available to our members and guests who wish to have a more private and secluded stay.

Wobble Trap Shooting at T&C Wildlife

While our members and guests at T&C Wildlife aren’t out in the fields hunting or relaxing in the Lodge, they have the option of shooting skeet on top of our Wobble House. Our skeet range is equipped with five separate throwers that can be programmed to throw a variety of different sequences to simulate actual hunting scenarios. As many as five shooters can line up and challenge their skills and have some friendly competition. The range is also fully lighted, so the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

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